Our mission is to promote school spirit and provide financial support for York Suburban Athletes and Coaches through fundraising, Booster Club sponsored tournaments and team events.

Each year the Booster Club provides:

Scholarships to senior athletes
Money to subsidize season end celebrations/award ceremonies
Corsages for parents of senior athletes on senior night
School Directory for High School families
Outdoor and indoor concessions for sporting events
Sponsorship for all High School tournaments for all sports


1. Attend ALL Booster Club Meeting, even when your sport is not in season.
2. Recruit Members. Solicit membership during the sports season for your team.
3. Encourage volunteers from your team to cover Team commitments which earn your team Booster Club money to spend.
4. Oversee Booster Club Volunteer Commitments. Teach your parent volunteers about the indoor and outdoor concession stand and how they can volunteer for tournaments. If you have questions ask, training is available for all reps.
5. Order flowers for senior parents for Senior Night by contacting the Flowers and Awards Committee Chair.
6. Order trophies/plaques/awards for the end of the season banquet by contacting the Flowers and Awards Committee Chair. Work with your coach to obtain the details of their awards.
7. Promote YS All Sports Booster Club Scholarships to Senior Athletes.
8. Coordinate Team Banquet.
9. Work with your Coach for team purchases and fill out Team Allocation Requests and Banquet Reimbursement Forms on their behalf.
10. Promote the Booster Club website, www.ysboosters.org
11. Recruit new persons for open team rep positions and/or open board/committee positions.
12. Recruit a rep the year you are graduating. Have them shadow you during your final year so they are comfortable taking over the following year.