Booster Club Allocation Policy

Revised 2/2015 – Approved 3/2015

All YS High School sports teams are eligible to earn Booster Club money.

Teams can sign up to work various sports events throughout the year to earn money for their team. High priority events include tournaments and football games and will earn your team $300 per event. If your team works more than one work assignment per tournament, the maximum you can earn per tournament is $500. ALL teams will be given the opportunity, through the scheduling process, to sign up for at least one high priority event. All other events will earn your team $200 per event. There is no limit to the number of events your team can work, though the scheduling process ensures each team has the same number of opportunities. A lottery process is used to allow teams the opportunity to select various work assignments.

To sign up for a work event your team representative or coach must be present at the scheduling meeting. These meetings are conducted during a regular monthly Booster Club Meeting and are scheduled three times a year prior to each sports When you sign up for an event your team is responsible for set-up, working and clean-up if applicable.

At the end of each school year your team will automatically carry over $ 300 to begin the next school year. No paperwork or communication is necessary, if your balance is more than $ 300 you will receive the $ 300 credit and the remaining dollars will be absorbed back into the booster club. Money earned through the Allocation process must be used in the school year in which the money was earned and must be used no later than June 30th. Your entire balance may be carried over into the next school year to purchase new uniforms IF you are on rotation the following school year with the Athletic Department. This means the Athletic Department will be paying for a portion of the cost of the uniforms and the allocation balance can be used for the remaining balance or to put toward the remaining balance. Entire Allocation balances can also be carried over into the next school year for large equipment purchases. For a large equipment purchase submit a request, with an attached invoice, in writing via e-mail to the Booster Club President. The request will be reviewed by the Booster Club Executive Board and the Athletic Department. Approval is required by both the Booster Club and Athletic Department prior to purchase. The purchase must be made within 90 days of the approval notification or the team will lose their carry over balance. Negative team balances will be carried over to the next school year and the team will have to pay back any negative balance before earning money for the next school year.


If your team cannot cover the event you signed up to work please provide at least 48hours prior notice to the Booster Club Scheduler and/or Booster Club President. Missed work assignments cost the Booster Club money. We need to be able to cover all work assignments.

An Allocation Form must be completed for every request for Allocation Money. Submit the form to the Booster Club President or Athletic Director. Forms can be placed in the Booster Club mailbox in the High School Office or submitted at the monthly Booster Club meeting. Each request requires the approval of the Principal, Athletic Director and Booster Club President. Itemized receipts MUST be included in order to be reimbursed for any purchases.

Allocation money can be used for the following items:
Team parties/dinners (excluding the end of season banquet)
Team t-shirts/clothing
Summer league dues
Tournament entry fees

Allocation money CANNOT be used for gifts for seniors or coaches at senior night events, banquets or end of season gifts of any kind.